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Advantages of Noise-Canceling

5 Advantages of Noise-Canceling Headphones

Listening to music is a common thing to do in big cities. They usually use a smartphone or mobile media player to play digital songs or listen to favorite radio broadcasts, complete with earphones or headphones that are entrenched in the head. However, this hobby is often disturbed by the noise of the hustle and bustle of the city.

In such situations, it is recommended that you use headphones with noise-canceling features. One of the headphones that support noise-canceling is Sony MDR-1000X. Equipped with dual noise sensor technology, and improved filtering process, and a new pair of ear cushions developed, ensuring users have a comfortable and satisfying audio experience.

Advantages of Noise-Canceling
Advantages of Noise-Canceling

Here are five situations where these headphones will become very useful.

1. When you try to sleep on a plane

Have you ever tried to sleep when your eyes were red, but the baby on the plane did not stop crying? Noise-cancellation capability is the solution. Blocking noise from outside and giving you the audio you deserve when you want to refresh yourself on a tiring flight. The MDR-1000X is very compact and perfect for frequent travelers and has a battery life of 20 hours, so it will light up all the way!

2. When the song at the gym doesn’t suit your taste

Staying motivated at the gym playing poker uang asli is not easy, especially when the song that is playing doesn’t encourage you. In situations like this, the MDR-1000X allows you to create playlists while you exercise, so you can tighten your muscles without having to worry if the mellow song is playing loudly in the gym.

Secondly, the wireless capabilities of the headphones make the movements carried out unrestricted. So don’t be afraid to complete set by set without interruption. When you are lifting weights, you want to focus on the exercise, you can play your own music using an active noise canceling headset.

Advantages of Noise-Canceling
Advantages of Noise-Canceling

3. When you want to get quiet time at home

When returning home from a tiring job in the office and ready to relax but don’t want to be disturbed from noisy neighbors, MDR-1000X can help you lead to audio isolation, where you can truly relax.

Not forgetting important people at home, you can switch to the Quick Attention Mode which allows you to have a conversation without removing the headphones. All you have to do is place your right palm on the outside of the headphones.

4. When your partner snores too loud

Ever been stuck in a room with a couple who snored too loud? That’s when the MDR-1000X became a very reliable friend. With soft and comfortable ear cushions, the ears are so spoiled when you try to sleep for several hours.

5. When on a daily trip

We all know how difficult it is in the morning, especially when your train looks crowded. You can have your own time in such circumstances, will be able to make you happier. MDR-1000X headphones will adjust to the shape of the head to deliver the best audio quality. You do not need to worry anymore with someone hitting you, causing the headphone position to change.

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noise-canceling headphones

How to choose noise-canceling headphones?

What are the things to consider when to choose noise-canceling headphones? Here we explain based on the important points in choosing noise canceling headphones and earphones so that you get the right product.

1. Sound quality

Sound becomes an important point in choosing headphones or earphones and other noise canceling products. Even though the noise canceling feature is very good, but the sound produced is not good, it cannot be said that it is a good product.

noise-canceling headphones
noise-canceling headphones

For noise-canceling products, the resolution and sound range can be very different for each product. Also, the assessment of the quality of the sound you hear will also be affected by the genre of music that you enjoy. Product selection will also change depending on whether you listen to high or low volume music. Who like loud or soft voices, and also the power of the echo. So, do a sound check first before buying.

  • Sound resolution- Sound resolution is an indicator to find out the clarity in each part of the sound. The clarity of sound will affect your satisfaction in listening to it. For example, the vocal part sounds vocal clearly, the guitar part sounds the guitar clearly, and the drum part sounds clearly the drum. The choir must also sound clear and not chaotic.

If the sound resolution is good, each sound note will sound complete. So the same music will sound different when heard using earphones or headphones with low sound resolution. Each part of the sound will sound alive and provide power and excitement in the resonance of your music sound.

  • Range of sound- No matter how good the quality of the sound source you have. If the sound from headphones or earphones does not sound good, then the sound you hear will not be maximal.The range of sound produced by headphones or earphones is said to give a powerful sound effect.  Like watching a live concert. Headphones or earphones that have a wide sound range make it sound as if the sound is produced in a large room and make the music you hear more dramatic.

2. Comfort when using it

Even though the quality is good, if your headphones or earphones make your ears hurt when you wear them for a long time or when they wear off easily, they will feel annoying.

The comfort of your headphones used on your ears is also an important point. Choose headphones or earphones that don’t make your ears tired and fit your ears. So you don’t feel stressed when listening to songs with headphones.

noise-canceling headphones
choose noise-canceling headphones

3. Quality noise canceling

This point emphasizes the ability of headphones or earphones to completely shut out the surrounding noise and make you focus on music. Choose products that are able to ward off the noise so you can enjoy music to your heart.

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Best Noise-Canceling Earphone

The Best Noise-Canceling Earphone Recommendation

Apart from headphones, there are also practical noise canceling earphones for you to use. Here are our recommended earphones with dedicated active noise cancellation for you. Best Noise-Canceling Earphone

Sony SBH54 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

These earphones can be used as earphones, FM radio, call recipients and message recipients. The sound quality and bass produced are also very clear and loud. Noise canceling is also effective at preventing noise in your environment This earphone has a display that can display call alerts and messages coming to your smartphone.

Sony SBH54 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Sony SBH54 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

When using this earphone, you cannot use the FM radio on your smartphone, but you can turn on the FM radio on this earphone instead. These earphones can be attached to your shirt and are resistant to water. So, it is suitable for you who are looking for entertainment on the sidelines of your work.

Sony MDR-NC31EM Digital Noise Canceling Headset

This Sony production earphones in addition to having active noise canceling that can ward off the noise around you, the resulting sound quality is also good, especially the sound of its bass which sounds great. That way, you can enjoy your music like when you are in a live music event.

These earphones are equipped with comfortable earbuds and hands-free calling to answer calls. These earphones are suitable for use with Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2, Xperia ™ Z2 tablets and smartphones with 3.5 mm audio jack and 5 pole audio connectors. With these earphones, you can enter your music world without interruption.

QCY QY12 Wireless Headset

This earphone is a wireless earphone that uses Bluetooth as a link to your music device. The sound quality produced by these earphones is not disappointing. You can enjoy the bass sound that is clear and comfortable in the ear. You can enjoy your favorite music using this earphone for up to 6 hours.

QCY QY12 Wireless Headset
QCY QY12 Best Noise-Canceling Earphone

This earphone has a magnetic auto-off feature that makes it a necklace. You can turn on these earphones by separating magnets on the magnetic auto-off feature and vice versa. These earphones are suitable for hip-hop music lovers because the bass effects produced by this product are incredible.

Xiaomi Mi Noise Canceling Earphones Type C

This earphone has active noise canceling which can reduce noise above 25 dB, so you can enjoy every detail of your favorite music without interruption wherever you are. These earphones are equipped with earbuds that fit in the ear and are comfortable to use. Plus, the cable is designed braided models that are not easily tangled and damaged.

Unfortunately, these earphones are specially produced for use with Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi MIX 2. If you are a user of the Xiaomi devices with this series, then this earphone is a must-have for completing your music world.

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