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How to choose noise-canceling headphones?

noise-canceling headphones

What are the things to consider when to choose noise-canceling headphones? Here we explain based on the important points in choosing noise canceling headphones and earphones so that you get the right product.

1. Sound quality

Sound becomes an important point in choosing headphones or earphones and other noise canceling products. Even though the noise canceling feature is very good, but the sound produced is not good, it cannot be said that it is a good product.

noise-canceling headphones
noise-canceling headphones

For noise-canceling products, the resolution and sound range can be very different for each product. Also, the assessment of the quality of the sound you hear will also be affected by the genre of music that you enjoy. Product selection will also change depending on whether you listen to high or low volume music. Who like loud or soft voices, and also the power of the echo. So, do a sound check first before buying.

  • Sound resolution- Sound resolution is an indicator to find out the clarity in each part of the sound. The clarity of sound will affect your satisfaction in listening to it. For example, the vocal part sounds vocal clearly, the guitar part sounds the guitar clearly, and the drum part sounds clearly the drum. The choir must also sound clear and not chaotic.

If the sound resolution is good, each sound note will sound complete. So the same music will sound different when heard using earphones or headphones with low sound resolution. Each part of the sound will sound alive and provide power and excitement in the resonance of your music sound.

  • Range of sound- No matter how good the quality of the sound source you have. If the sound from headphones or earphones does not sound good, then the sound you hear will not be maximal.The range of sound produced by headphones or earphones is said to give a powerful sound effect.  Like watching a live concert. Headphones or earphones that have a wide sound range make it sound as if the sound is produced in a large room and make the music you hear more dramatic.

2. Comfort when using it

Even though the quality is good, if your headphones or earphones make your ears hurt when you wear them for a long time or when they wear off easily, they will feel annoying.

The comfort of your headphones used on your ears is also an important point. Choose headphones or earphones that don’t make your ears tired and fit your ears. So you don’t feel stressed when listening to songs with headphones.

noise-canceling headphones
choose noise-canceling headphones

3. Quality noise canceling

This point emphasizes the ability of headphones or earphones to completely shut out the surrounding noise and make you focus on music. Choose products that are able to ward off the noise so you can enjoy music to your heart.