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The Headphone Type Differences: On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear

The Headphone Type Differences: On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear

Everyone has their own headphone type that they use to enjoy the music. These headphones become an accessory that can be used in any activity at any time. People’s love for music makes the development of headphones more sophisticated until now.

Each brand competes to promote its headphones by offering various attractive features and dewiku88 designs. These features and designs are adapted to various human needs. On the market, there are at least three types of headphone choices, ranging from On-Ear, Over-Ear, to In-Ear.

The Headphone Type Differences: On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear
The Headphone Type Differences: On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear

On-Ear Headphones are Specifically Designed to Produce the Best Audio Quality

This headphone type is the right choice for audio quality because it is made specifically to produce the best audio quality. But some choices of this headphone do not have a mic to communicate. So, it is only suitable for you who like to spend time while listening to music.

Headphone on-ear consists of two forms, namely full headphones that cover the ears and earphones or earbuds that are used by inserting mini speakers into the ear. The preference depends on your taste. These headphones commonly use a 3.5mm jack connector or Bluetooth for wireless functions.

The advantage of headphones on-ear is that it produces better and clearer sound quality. These headphones are perfect for watching DVDs or listening to songs at home. Circulation of air into the ears remains smooth because there are still gaps between the headphones and ears.

But the drawback is its size which is quite large. This headphone type will be quite troublesome to carry. If you use it too long it will cause a burning sensation and can make your ears red. So these headphones are not recommended for long periods.


Over-Ear Headphones Will Provide Maximum Audio Compared to the Others 

Headphones over-ear designs are actually the same as headphones on-ear, but it has a microphone on it. Usually, these headphones are used for gamers. So that now over-ear headphones have been widely marketed with the development of extraordinary features.

Some special features that are important for a gamer like clearer sound and even some brands release Headphones Over Ear with 7.1 audio features. This is because some games have provided 7.1 audio features such as Left 4 Dead.

Headphones Over Ear can block outside noises that can disturb you. This headphone type is the right hardware for true gamers. The drawback is that it has a limited bass boom and is not good for your hearing health.

The Headphone Type Differences: On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear
The Headphone Type Differences: On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear

In-Ear Headphones are Perfect for Those Who Have High Mobility

In-Ear Headphones are audio accessories that have functions like headsets. But its use is more into the ear hole or focused there. Unlike some of the previous types of headphones, this headphone has a cup that covers your ears.

If you include people who have fairly high mobility, this headphone type is the right choice. These headphones are also suitable for listening to music from your iPod, MP3 player, and notebook while traveling. Its size is quite small, easy to carry wherever you go.

You can listen to various sounds you want at a lower volume than when you use a headset. But for some quite sensitive ears, the use of headphones In-Ear can cause pain due to direct sound distribution.

Before buying headphones, it’s a good idea to find out more about which type of headphones best suits your goals. Don’t buy the wrong headphones and make you uncomfortable using them. Because every headphone type has its own features and designs for a specific purpose.