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Some Tips on Choosing Wireless Headphones

Choosing Wireless Headphones

If you want to listen to music comfortably, wouldn’t it be more practical if you use headphones wirelessly? Lately, well-known headphones companies such as Bose, Beats, Sony, have launched many Bluetooth headphones with various specifications, such as waterproof, noise-canceling, and so on.

Therefore, for those who are still confused about choosing Bluetooth headphones, this time we will discuss how to choose the best Bluetooth headphones that you can buy online.

Choosing Wireless Headphones
Choosing Wireless Headphones

How to choose the best Bluetooth headphones?

If you want to choose Bluetooth headphones, you need to understand the standards of the form of Bluetooth communication and the structure of headphones. Here are a few things to consider when choosing wireless headphones.

Choose AAC and AptX codecs for sound quality

When sending sounds using Bluetooth, the sound files need to be converted. At that time, the converting method used was called a codec This codec will determine the quality and duration of the sound delay.

Many cheap Bluetooth headphones use the SBC codec. The sound quality of the SBC codec is not very good, and also the sound delay can be up to a quarter of a second. Listening to music or radio is actually not a problem. But if you watch movies or television, then you will often experience sound disturbances.

Choosing Wireless Headphones
Choosing Wireless Headphones

Pay attention to the battery and how long to use it

Bluetooth headphones generally do not use cable, but it is equipped with a battery to power the Bluetooth. So the point to note is how long the headphone battery can work. Some Bluetooth headphones cannot be used while charging, so check the batteries before you use them, both when outdoors or indoors.

For the type of battery that can be charged, the use of this type of battery will continuously reduce battery performance. If you want to use the headphone battery for a long time, then use a replaceable battery.

Noise-canceling feature with the right balance

The noise-canceling feature is a feature that can minimize noise. This feature makes the sound you hear on the headphones can be heard more clearly. By drawing out the noise that is heard in the headphones. This is an indispensable function, especially for those of you who frequently use public transportation such as trains and buses. However, you need to be careful using it, because you might not be able to hear if there are important announcements. When you use the noise-canceling feature, you also need to hear the sounds around you. If you use this feature, also pay attention to the state of your environment.

All products that have noise-canceling feature have a strong pressure so that many people feel a little uncomfortable. Although no one can be sure whether the headphones you choose are good. We recommend choosing headphones that are not easy to make your ears tired and still prioritize their functions.