Headphones with Microphone

Headphones with Microphone

The Effect of Headphones with Microphone for Ear

Today many people use headphones with microphone. It is already commonly used for all human activities. But are all headphones safe for the ears? The answer is of course not all are safe. Therefore you must ensure that headphones are safe for the ears.

Forms of headphones that tend to be safe, of course, can be used by anyone. But the next problem is the resulting noise level. You will get problems on your ears later. So the thing to note is the sound level based on volume.

Sometimes many people are not aware that the ear has a limit. But because they did not know it was ultimately ignored. With the rules ignored, of course, there are always consequences of the action. Knowing what the maximum limit of your ears is important

Headphones with Microphone
Headphones with Microphone

The advantage of knowing how your ears can hold that sound is certainly good. So you will have a limit or standardization of the ears for sound. This is clearly to make your ears healthier despite using headphones every day for a long period.

The Important Frequency of Headphones with Microphone

Headphones with microphone are made, of course, made with a variety of specifications. This aims to make a category of the quality and completeness of features found in the headphones. In general, when the headphones are complete specifications, the product is good.

Complete specifications for a headphone that of course will produce comfort for the ear, one that must be considered is the frequency of the sound. This can give you information that the volume limit is suitable for humans. If you know the limit, that’s good.

Frequency of Headphones with Microphone
Frequency of Headphones with Microphone

These frequencies are things you must understand before you use headphones. Basically, the higher the upper frequency, of course, the better the quality. So when you buy headphones, don’t just look at the style or thickness of the foam, your ear more important.

The headphones produce sounds between 4Hz and 30,000Hz. The higher the frequency, the better the sound. In that frequency, some obstacles can be set. If your headphones have no settings regarding these obstacles, be careful. That condition can dangerous for your ear.

Pay Attention of the Sensitivity when Using Headphones

You need to pay attention to this sensitivity because this is indeed very influential. In a headphone, this sensitivity is usually interpreted as a sound pressure level. The unit of this SPL is watt. That way you can find out the power of a headphone.

Don’t worry If your headphone has a small amount of electrical power. You should worry about headphones that have high electric power. This is caused because it will be proportional to the noise level. Therefore you should be able to check it first or you will regret it later.

Humans who use headphones are recommended that no less than 85 dB. The headphone cable used must also be of good quality. Everything you can see in the specifications of the headphones with microphone that you bought. So the maximum volume depends on its sensitivity.

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