How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sport

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sport

For those of you who like listening to music while exercising, you must be craving for the best headphones. The many types of headphones currently available may confuse you a bit when choosing. Which headphones are comfortable to wear while exercising?

There are several points that you can make a consideration in choosing headphones. Examples include connector systems using wired or wireless connections, earpad shapes, sound quality, and so on. With the right headphones, the sound quality that you enjoy will feel delicious many times over.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sport
How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sport

How to Choose Headphones with the Best Sound Quality 

Choose housing that suits your needs. Housing is a term used to refer to the earplug cup on headphones. The housing also functions as a storage area for drivers or sound generating devices. In general, housing on headphones is divided into two types, namely open and closed types.

The leak-proof enclosure is suitable for outdoor use. The hallmark of closed housing is the high level of insulation. The high level of insulation will prevent sound leakage and prevent outside noise. This allows you to concentrate more on listening to the music playing.

Therefore, closed housing is suitable for use outdoors. Unfortunately, this type of housing will make the sound easily confined and not spread. Therefore, this is not the best headphones for continuously long periods of use.

However, this type is very reliable in presenting detailed sound, including low bass. Open housing suitable for indoor use. Inversely related to closed housing, open housing has low sound insulation. One characteristic of headphones with open housing is that the sound is clear and diffuse.

This type of housing is not too pressing against the ear. You will not easily feel tired even though listening to music for a long time. The disadvantage of this open housing is that it is unable to play low heavy bass sound well.

So that this type of housing is not appropriate for rock music or electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts. Headphones with open housing are also not suitable for use outdoors such as on a bus or train. This type will be the right choice for indoor sports lovers.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sport
How to Choose the Best Headphones for Sport

Choosing the Best Headphones Based on the Earpad Type

The earpad is a headphone pad that is directly connected to your ear. The shape of the earpad is very influential on the sound delivery and the comfort. In general, there are two types namely over-ear and on-ear. Choose the one that best suits your taste.

This type of over-ear is very stable when worn, very suitable for exercise. Earpad type around the ear, or also called over-ear, is an ear pad that forms around the earlobe. This type provides good sound quality and does not make you feel tired quickly.

This is the best headphones for those who want to enjoy music intensely and for a long time uses. This type is also very stable when used because it is not easy to shift. Headphones with a closed housing and over-ear earpad will immerse you.

This lightweight on-ear type is perfect for long-time use. The on-ear pad is the earpad attached to the earlobe. This type does not cover your entire earlobe so that it feels light when used. This type is perfect for those of you who are concerned about sound quality.

Also, these types of headphones are relatively lighter. You won’t get tired easily even if you wear it for a long time. Headphones with on-ear pad are perfect for those of you who like to enjoy music quietly in the house.

To choose the right headphones to use when exercising, you must pay attention to comfort when you use them. Adjust also the intensity of exercise that you often do. Don’t let the best headphones you use get in the way of your exercise movements!

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