Types of Noise

Noise Canceling Feature

Headphones Equipped with Noise Canceling Feature, Is It Safe?

Some audio devices such as headphones and earphones are currently equipped with noise canceling technology. The technology applied to headphones in order to reduce noise around the environment such as aircraft engine roar, train rumble, highway noise, and others. But, is this technology of noise canceling feature safe for users?

Reported from the Krisp website, although noise canceling reduces noise, the technology will not damage hearing and health. Because the noise canceling technology does not emit radiation and does not pose a potential threat.

Noise Canceling Feature
Noise Canceling Feature

Krisp reports that noise canceling helps the health of its users. Users who stay in noisy places and hear some noise every time. These noise canceling earphone or headphones can truly protect hearing. Frequent exposure to loud and intense noises like aircraft engines, trucks, trains, and other loud noise for a long duration may be so harmful dangerous for your health and hearing.

Different Types of Noise

Different types of noise have different pitch or frequency and loudness or amplitude, and the effects for our hearing. Loud sounds may be dangerous because it may damage our hearing. It can disturb sleep, increase the level of your stress which can make you feel headache.

Basically, constant low-level noise can be as harmful as a loud noise. However, the low-level noise considered safer because it will not cause hearing loss. But it can be more dangerous in different situations, particularly when you hear the low level noise constantly. Somebody who live noisy places or most of the day deal with noise have higher levels of stress compared to the people who live in a quiet place. Increased cortisol has a correlation to the people high blood pressure as well as the high cholesterol that can increase the risk of severe health problem.

Noise Canceling Feature
Noise Canceling Feature

Studies show the dangerous influences of low noise levels for the people health. A researched showed kids who live or stay in neighboring environments with low levels of noise may be more stressful compared to kids who live in quieter or silent environments.

Wearing noise canceling headphones seems to be able to protect users from potential problems that can cause prolonged noise exposure. In fact, noise canceling headphones have many benefits. Even noise canceling headphones can neutralize the surrounding noise and extremely helpful whilst playing kiu kiu online.

In conclusion, noise canceling headphones are totally safe and they even give a lot of benefits to users. For people living in a noisy area, recommended to wear such a noise cancellation earphones or headphones that can help you reduce the noise from the outside. It is not only soothing your mind, but it also can protect your ears from noise pollution.

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