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Wireless Headphones Security for Ear Health in Human

Wireless Headphones Security for Ear Health in Human

Wireless headphones are an innovative product whose usefulness is indeed very useful. By using these headphones you can avoid the risk of damage to the cable or the like. Wireless technology installed on these headphones is very helpful for daily human activities.

The convenience offered by this technology was not without risk. Some studies have different views on this type of headphones. They admit that the positive impact can help human activities. But the negative effect on humans is cancer symptoms.

The statement turned out to be quite surprising to many situs judi poker parties. This obviously can make some companies that produce this type of headphones go bankrupt. But the researchers have complex answers. So they also have statements like that because there are strong reasons. Therefore you must pay attention.

They did say that headphones like that can cause cancer. But they also have more specifications. They might not mention all the headphones that cause cancer. Therefore, first, understand headphones like what can cause cancer and dangerous.

Wireless Headphones Security for Ear Health in Human
Wireless Headphones Security for Ear Health in Human

Further Research on Wireless Headphones is of Concern

This originated from the thought of a professor from the University of Colorado who was worried about wireless headphones. So the professor said headphones connected by wireless can indeed cause cancer. It does indeed cause radio frequencies that attack cells in the head. That’s what causes cancer.

This news turned out to make a movement large enough to stop the use of headphones of this type. They made a petition addressed to the PBB and WHO to make certain rules for wireless devices. This petition was followed by many researchers.

The petition about wireless has long been talked about. So if now it’s crowded about headphones that use wireless, then it used to be different. So first there was a petition that also reminded to limit the use of Wi-Fi from mobile phones.

The facts above are not completely true. So it’s possible to limit the use and tighten the rules is important. But some claim that radiation exposure is not only from electronic devices. Actually, in plants even our food has radiation.

Wireless Headphones Security for Ear Health in Human
Wireless Headphones Security for Ear Health in Human

Another Way to Enjoy Music Using Headphones

We as humans can still enjoy the sound of headphones like music or something else. But listening to audio like that using headphones that using cables. So headphones with cable can produce less radiation than wireless.

If you use cable headphones, the radiation only comes from the cellphone. But if you use the wireless model, the radiation it produces comes from 2 sources. That is what causes why headphones that have wireless types are more dangerous to humans.

All of the above statements are still in a temporary study. So for those of you who want to use headphones with a wireless connection, that’s fine. But you can just adjust the volume so it’s not too noisy. Because wireless headphones used are too noisy will also be a danger.